Music Pad S2005 Lenovo is about to set off pre-sale tablet pocket

Music PadS2005 not actual clear achievement for cross-border sales in this advice is additionally beneath scrutiny. At 12:00 on December 12th, the official online abundance at Lenovo, android tablet pc Lenovo Taobao flagship store, new eggs in China, Suning Tesco, Amazon, six fast and accessible akin arrangement of sales channels will barrage the world's aboriginal sale, consumers can grab this little book bowl boundary.

Since 2008, Lenovo fabricated ​​its approach strategy, development of the arrangement channels so far, Internet sales accept been perfect. android tablet pc The pre-order not alone acquiesce consumers to have a acceptable timethe arrangement has the convenient, chargeless from constraints such as time and abode advantages, but additionally provides a abounding ambit of services, to allay apropos that may appear to purchase. The distinctively alien for seven canicule and 60 canicule after acumen alternate amount aegis affiance to the chump accord of apperception protection.

Music pad S2005 decidedly like at any time for the Internet, watching videos and added ball applications appeal aerial alarm volume, baby consumers. They usually adopt online shopping, android tablet pc,the affiliation pre-select the network, aloof to accommodated the characteristics of the ambition chump groups. Review Music Pad A1 Internet sales Jiyu affairs banal unrest, afflicted by auction or will become addition archetypal case of approach integration.

I accept pre-show how, S2005's amount will be an important factor. Although the official starting amount has not been announced, demography into annual the aforementioned class Samsung Galaxy Note, android tablet pc,Moto RAZR, HTC Sensation and added five-inch flat-panel prices are at 4000 to 5000, Lenovo S2005 achievement good, so I appraisal it should be pre-sale amount amid 3500-4000 yuan.

Have a claimed billow of music Pad S2005 for the auction of new admission channels, the affiliation of the two cardinal collective escort, I accept the accustomed adorableness of the music Pad S2005 will hit addition sales myth. Recent or baby admeasurement carriageable Pad accompany as acute phones look.


Leader in the field of online wholesale distributor Wholesale by ten million U.S. dollars investment

According to sources, distribution networks (www.pfa.cn) recently received U.S. $ ten million a well-known private equity fund investment level is wholesale electronics suppliers far field of e-business wholesale distribution to obtain the largest single financing.

It is reported that, in this round of financing,
wholesale electronics suppliers the company will be involved in clothing, underwear, shoes, bags, accessories, jewelry, digital, daily necessities and other fields, Wholesale Electronics & Accessories to build China's largest and most professional online wholesale distribution market. Learned from the company's website Wholesale was founded in 2010, the current main business is to provide network distribution channels, brands, online factory wholesale wholesale business processing services.

Wholesale business model claimed more and more
wholesale electronics suppliers domestic and foreign investors' attention, and recently EBAY premium of $ 2.4 billion acquisition of GSI-Commerce company is quite similar. More and more traditional brands and distribution networks are willing to choose a cooperative manner to enter the field of electronic commerce, which gave birth to a huge e-commerce outsourcing business services market.


Walking in the same way the brothers sunrise industry Analysis of Digital

As the core of the northwest city of Liaoning, Chaoyang, Liaoning for the IT industry has a positive role in promoting the channel. Although wholesale electronics suppliers the overall market in northwest Liaoning is not ideal, but in the sun we see a different scenario. Here, the spending power is not weak; here, complete product range; here, only Zhao Shuren shopping. As the core of the northwest city but in the sun we see a different scenario. Here, the spending power is not weak; here, complete product range; Here, shopping is only Zhao Shuren. These features allow sun to become a city different from other prefecture-level city in western Liaoning.

In Chaoyang, digital products sales and similar to wholesale electronics suppliers surrounding cities of Shenyang. DIY channels already formed, and the overall construction of the digital channels is relatively weak. Consumer Electronics supplier Now the market is the most common type of product to MP4 and digital camera. In the sun the only professional IT store - Shengda computer city, we saw only a small digital distributor of all buildings about 10% of large businesses. DIY laptop here and became a mainstay, and the security industry with the recent hot, the sun also does not account for a small market share. Thus, there is a digital circle is small, but sunrise is such a prefecture-level cities, enough!

As the first prefecture-level city into one of the products of small digital,
wholesale electronics suppliers MP4 has a larger retail space. But with the market turmoil, uneven quality, frequent price changes and other objective factors, the current around the city of Shenyang, a small digital market are constantly "struggles", we are looking for the best profit point of such products. Chaoyang, too, here's the basic brand of MP4 products mainly to the domestic mainstream, but also by the impact of the national MP4 prices, the price has dropped to the mainstream around $ 300. For, close to the saturation of the regional market demand, MP4 market is in a difficult period. However, the number of different regional digital distributors, so we have a living environment significantly


Microsoft, Apple hit the Android experience: Patent industry shock absorption gold ring

In HTC, Apple's patent litigation by way of reason to treat yourself, wholesale electronics suppliers HTC's Android behind the phenomenal growth of smartphone sales. Yesterday, HTC south are the official media said in a statement sent to reporters, "For the appeal of confidence, and has completed fully prepared to take all possible means to defend their own interests." 

Origins of the United States International Trade Commission (ITC) Administrative Law Judge wholesale electronics suppliers in July 15 local time to make a preliminary determination, HTC infringed by Apple in March this year the Wholesale Electronics & Accessories 10 patents in the control of the two. As the statement said, HTC has made it clear to appeal.Patent spear hit the surface to resist the former is known as HTC's shield, but in fact subsequently hidden the main body of the Google open mobile operating system Android. The recent offensive by the rapid implementation of spears, in addition to apple also with IT giant Microsoft.  

Similarly for the Android smartphone, wholesale electronics suppliers Microsoft has been charged by each patent to the HTC Android devices 4 - 5 dollars in licensing fees, and the two other major Android smart phone manufacturers Motorola and Samsung, are still "passing" in the. Apple, Microsoft, just to defend their rights, or do not have his chart? Android experience in the siege of the patent process, the truth is revealed.


Reported that this year's consumer electronics sales will reach $ 190 billion

Consumer Electronics Association (hereinafter referred to as "CEA") in a report released Monday said that this wholesale electronics suppliers year there will be more consumers to buy tablet PCs and smart mobile phones, making sales of consumer electronics products reached a record $ 190 billion.CEA said in the report, iPad tablet PCs such sales will reach 26.5 million units this year, the related revenue of $ 14 billion. Smart phone sales will grow 45% year on year, to $ 23 billion.

CEA director of industry analysis (Steve Koenig) said: "A year ago, the Tablet PC is a new product, has not been proven now,
wholesale electronics suppliers tablet PCs and other mobile Internet devices, such as smart phones and electronic reader, Consumer Electronics supplier is to promote the growth of the consumer electronics industry. " The report predicts that this year's consumer electronics market will grow 5.6%, 2.4% higher than the U.S. GDP growth. The consumer electronics industry's revenue next year will continue to grow, reaching $ 197 billion. Amazon Kindle and other e-reader sales will double revenue to $ 1.8 billion. Koenig said the rise in sales of mobile devices, while other consumer electronics products such as flat-panel TV sales appeared landslide. Studies have shown that 88 percent of U.S. households have at least one digital television. As the penetration rate is high, so the TV sales will decline this year, while revenues would be over $ 18 billion.

However, network TV sales may have increased this year,
wholesale electronics suppliers sales are expected to more than 10.4 million units. Although the 3D content is still very low penetration rate, but with a 3D-capable TV sets this year, shipments are expected to reach 3.6 million units, higher than last year's 1.9 million units. Apple will be released on Tuesday third-quarter earnings, iPad 2 sales will be the focus of concern in the industry. Wall Street estimates, Apple sold in the quarter of 800 million units iPad 2.


Apple's new patent applications iOS5 will support voice input

July 18, according to foreign media reports, wholesale electronics suppliers AppleInsider Web site reported rumors in the Apple iOS 5 operating system voice control system work.

United States Patent and Trademark Wholesale Electronics & Accessories Office last week revealed some of Apple's patent application for details. Called "Adaptive Audio Feedback System and Method" (adaptive audio feedback system and method) that the current patent audio feedback system is not sufficient, some information is not properly expressed. According to this patent, said the solution to let the system filter out duplicate data, such as the list of artists, songs or album name.

  AppleInsider website explains that this system can intelligently
wholesale electronics suppliers identify the user in any context in some of the information received, do not listen a second time. This applies to menu navigation, alerts and prompt information.

Apple's second patent is entitled "
wholesale electronics suppliers the voice input processing, and voice command system to respond to the delay. The patent application says that, due to receiving a complete voice commands, voice input and processing voice input to determine such things take time , after the end of the first tips and second tips in the time available, the user response to the first prompt, enter the speech is processed and understood then, this device is difficult to determine which voice prompt and enter the receipt.

As AppleInsider points out, Wall Street Journal and The New York Times earlier this year have reported that Apple is developing mobile devices, voice navigation. Voice command in-depth into iOS 5.


S quad-core Cortex A9 dual-core ARM A15 launch next year

We just returned from Texas Instruments, wholesale electronics suppliers there has been exciting news, the new OMAP processor architecture has been successfully developed, and the performance is quite satisfactory. These 28nm process chips will be used on smart phones and tablet PCs.

Consumers have access to 28nm products should also need to wait until 2012,
wholesale electronics suppliers and most end-product companies have Consumer Electronics supplier to wait until the end of next year to launch the product. But we can now determine the new ARM processor performance will be a qualitative leap. And has been the news that two ARM15 cores provide enough performance to beat A9 quad-core processor architecture. The single-core ARM A15 can beat Tegra3 processor. The latter will be the third quarter of 2011.

ARM processor performance makes the new Intel and AMD are big pressure, wholesale electronics suppliers because they are still on the power again to make great efforts. In 2012, we are not able to see through the Windows 8, you can see Android the new system: Ice Cream Sandwich. This might be ARM stand up to fight the first battle, and can be more to compete with Intel and AMD are also likely to change the current market. Of course, OMAP5 and ARM A15 released at the same time, NVIDIA is also likely to introduce Wayne A15 processor at the same time, then will set off another round of World War II processor mobile platform.